Native Vines:


• Aleatico
• Alicante
• Barbera Sarda
• Bovale Grande
• Bovale
• Cannonao (Cannonau)
• Girò
• Monica
• Nieddera
• Nieddera Mannu
• Pascale
• Vermentino Nero


• Clairette
• Malvasia di Sardegna
• Nasco
• Nuragus
• Semidano
• Vermentino
• Vernaccia di Oristano
Important Wines
• Vermentino di Gallura
• Nebbiolo di Luras
• Panevino

I confess that this is a work in progress, I love the wines of Gallura, the Vermentino can be exquisite. I have never been particularly convinced by straight Cannonao but I have tasted some extraordinary blends, the best of which is Panevino.  So much of Sardinia remains a mystery that I look forward to visiting and casting some light on.


our Sardinian selection by Winemaker / Estate...

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