Native Vines:


• Picotendro (Nebbiolo)
• Petit Rouge
• Vien de Nus
• Neyret
• Fumin


• Prié Blanc
• Petite Arvine
• Malvoisie (Pinot Gris)
Important Wines
• Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle Spumante
• Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle
• Nus Malvoisie


A mountainous region with a tiny population of just 35,000.  Language is a mixture of Italian, French and German depending on the valley, the wines are as individual as the dialects.  Quantities are such that these wines are unlikely to be seen outside of specialist merchants.  The best wines from the region are made from white grapes, the best and most original coming from around Courmayeur where low trained Prié Blanc is planted on Europe’s highest vineyards, the wines are mineral and taught.  Sparkling and ice wines are renowned, I have rarely been that impressed.  The reds tend to be light and simple.  It is a very expensive place to make wine and there is the potential to make great white wines on the small plots that get the early morning sun – remarkable terroir.


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