Val di Toro


Poggio La Mozza, Grosseto, Maremma, Toscana

The estate is just south of Grosseto, a useful 5 miles from the sea next door to local legend Morris Farms.

This is an area historically known for its cattle farming (as the name suggests) but its future is almost certainly in wine.  
A combination of sea breezes and mineral rich soils are excellent for the cultivation of most red varieties and not at all bad for white grapes.

Scottish born Hugh Maxwell and his sicilian wife, AnnaMaria Cruciata, acquired ten hectares of prime land back in 2004, just before the land grab reached its peak. 

They planted local grape varieties under the advice Maurizio Castelli, a sage consultant oenologist. 

Mostly the vineyard is Sangiovese with some Montepulciano, for white wines there is Vermentino and a small amount of Grechetto. 

In the early days, the wines were made in hired space within the cellars of Morris Farms, now they have their own cellar and the results are very impressive.

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