Vo, Colli Euganei


Marco Sambin is a professor of psychology at the University of Padova, he bought the estate in 2002.  Just four hectares that are worked biodynamically by Leonardo Sinigaglia.  Guido Busatto does the winemaking using a similarly natural rhythm, it takes two vines to make each bottle.

The vines grow at a density of between 8000-9000 plants per hectare, on the lower slopes of Mount Versa.
The vineyard is a terraced, south to south-west facing slope of clay and limestone, rich in chalk.  
Yields are naturally low and thinning is only to help the flow of air through the vineyard.

Grapes are harvested by hand through September.  Each variety is picked within the same day and inside two hours it is in the fermentation tank. 
The grapes for the wine are selected in the vineyard, de-stemmed and gently crushed before being fermented in steel tanks at 27 to 28°C using native yeasts. 
The wine is manually pumped over and the cap punched during fermentation. 
The wine is racked off into new and second year French barrique where it rests for ten to eighteen months (depending on the variety and vintage). 
The blend is then made and the wine is held in steel tanks for a few months before being fined with egg whites and bottled.

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