Marano della Valpolicella, Veneto     Lat:  45:39:13N   Lon:  11:02:46E

We have returned to this Valpolicella estate on the outskirts of Marano so many times and never come back empty handed. 
This is a classic family business, founded in 1909 by Angelo Righetti.  His son, Luigi took the business to a wider market before handing the reigns on to his son Gianni, who has focused and modernised the business; it is a true Valpolicella estate respected by customers and colleagues alike.

The flagship wine is the Amarone ‘Capitel de Roari’ (there is another Amarone by Righetti, sometimes shipped by other UK merchants – an error in our opinion). 

Their Amarones are made from grapes hauled into the attic of the recently rebuilt Azienda, dried over the winter months, the resulting wines are then aged in French barrique and traditional large barrels of Slovenian oak (botti) before release four years after the vintage. 

The Campolieti is a wine that has improved with every vintage.  It is a ‘ripasso’ wine where the Valpolicella is passed over the skins of the Amarone for a touch more fermentation and enrichment. 
Not only has this wine been a great hit with our customers, it has also been a great success across the Channel, whoever said the French couldn’t enjoy the finer things in life? 

Unfortunately old favourites ‘Bardolino’ and ‘Chiaretto’ are not being made any more because the Righetti family have taken the brave decision to concentrate their efforts totally on Valpolicella.


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  1. Righetti. Amarone 'Capitel de Roari' Double Magnum

    A traditional Amarone made from hand selected bunches that represent the cream from Righetti's grape growers.


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