La Raia


Novi Ligure, Piemonte    Lat: 44:72:61:23N   Lon: 8:81:14:80E

In 2003 Giorgio Rossi Cairo bought La Raia with the ambition of creating a balanced ecosystem that showed respect for local traditions and history.

The project was inspired by biodynamic principals and the vineyards have been registered by Demeter since 2007.

A new winery was built using natural materials, crop rotation was restored to develop the deep fertility of the soils and ancient crops such as spelt were reintroduced. 
Finally pastures were reclaimed for livestock.

The estate now owns 180 hectares of which 32 are vineyard planted with Cortese and Barbera vines ranging from 9 to 70 years old. 

The oldest vineyards supply the Cru of Gavi,‘Pisé’, and the Gavi Riserva.
There are 50 hectares of crops and pasture and the remainder consists of woods of chestnut, elderflower and acacia.

It is a remarkable place, beautifully designed buildings and fantastically healthy vineyards, important for wines that are expressive and bright. 

Oenologist Piero Ballario has a talent for directing the vigour of the vineyard into the wines in an immaculate way.

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