Colli Orientali, Friuli

Nec-Otium is an unusual negociant business; really, it is a series of single vineyard wines born out of Christian Patat’s driving ambition to make his own wine.  

When his friend Enzo Potoni had grapes that were not going to make it into his Miani wines and, at the same time, Due Torre had capacity and unused young Merlot grapes, Nec-Otium was born, a moveable feast with real clarity of vision.  

It is now well established with Ronco del Gnemez acting as HQ and home, with his wife, the uncompromising Serena Palazzolo and any number of friends, something very special has been created.

Christian’s wines are from traditional Friulian varieties grown in known sites with genuine provenance.
They are unified by a purity of flavour and are, in many ways an homage to the wines of Mario Schiopetto. 

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