Rocca San Giovanni, Abruzzo

Cantina Sociale Frentana is a co-operative in Rocca San Giovanni, to the south west of Pescara. 
It is the model of how to produce great wine at very reasonable prices. 

There is a strong and well-directed management lead by president, Carlo Romanelli, Felice di Biase (sales) and enologist Gianni Pasquale.
They have a shrewd understanding of the balance between the society and its 500 members. 

The usual problem with a ‘Cantine Sociale’ is the impossible task of controlling all the members; what Frentana have done is to create a quality project to which 60 members have signed up and the agronomist follows these plots personally. 

The cooperative has also made the unusual move of taking over the running of 25 hectares of their best vineyards.
These are farmed organically and the experience gained is shared with the other members to create a template for all to use.

The winery is well equipped and modern, and the wines express the local grape varieties with great skill.


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  1. Frentana. Montepulciano 'Frentano' 2015 Magnum

    Deeply flavoured, energetic wine with damson and black cherry fruit.  A boisterous, puppy of a red, always willing to please.

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