Vittoria, Ragusa, Sicilia

An idiosyncratic estate founded in 1980 that has the feel of something altogether more ancient.
The use of a distinctive squat bottle (a replica of one found on their land) and the winery’s terracotta amphorae and concrete tanks give the impression of a timeless connection with Sicilian wine and, philosophically, that is just what Giambattista Cilia and Giusto Occhipinti wanted and have achieved in just thirty years. 

Jaques Mell oversees the biodynamic rhythm of the vineyard, all fermentations are started with wild yeasts and around forty percent is in amphora, the remainder in concrete. Giambattista is convinced that steel does not give the same colour or taste. 

There is a serious commitment to sustainable winemaking, investment in a photovoltaic plant means that the estate produces all of its own energy, it is an impressive operation.  What I find remarkable is the sapidity and precision of all of their wines, complexity marries drinkability; lovely wines.

The vineyards are at Fontane and Bastonaca, near the village of Acate.
The soils are fertile clays on limestone and sand at about 250m.
The vines are between 10 to 30 years old all are certified as organic.


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  1. COS. Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico 2011

    A style of wine I love, yet find tortuous to duplicate into words, probably because of the subtle weave of flavours from hedgerow berry to rosehip and earl grey tea, baked clay and wild herb. No run of the mill, dull as ditchwater 'blockbuster Nero d'Avola' something altogether more enjoyable.

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