Ciu Ciu

Offida, Marche


It was Alex O’Hara who, after completing our challenge of two exhaustive days ‘speed dating’ the Marche, confidently proclaimed Ciù Ciù’s wines the best.
We have tried to prove her wrong for the last five years, but using the old quality/price scales there is nothing to compare, they really are strong across their whole range.

The family has now completed construction of a new winery near San Benedetto, just in time, as they were bursting out of the old buildings on the edge of Offida . 

Brothers Massimiliano and Walter Bartolomei have 130 hectares at their disposal across the heart of the Piceno hills and more recently near to Moro d’Alba; all are farmed organically, some are in transition, but most are certified. 

Plantings are based on the traditional vines of the area with passerina, pecorino and trebbiano for white wines and montepulciano and sangiovese for red. 
The ubiquitous pinot grigio, chardonnay and sauvignon are present but corralled into the single wine, ‘Tebaldo’ which I like, but not enough to buy.


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