Broccatelli Galli

Bastia Umbra, Umbria - Lat: 42:57:57N , Lon: 12:29:24E


Brogal Vini is a family business that makes unpretentious, honest wine.
They are big, (huge by our standards) with 50 hectares in Torgiano and 28 in Montefalco and a central winery in Bastia Umbra which may not be ‘bello’, but is very practical.
For ‘bello’ it is worth travelling a few kilometres south to an old farmhouse which the family has renovated and transformed into holiday apartments with the most lovely views across the valley to Assisi.

Gianpiero is at the helm and rallies the various factions of the family with great skill and in 2014 oversaw a quiet revolution where winemaker Riccardo Cotarella was replaced by the youthful Fabrizio Truffoli and the trading names of the company were phased out in favour of the original founders’ names ‘Broccatelli Galli’.
Change ran deep and the winemaking converted to ‘wild yeast’ fermentations, new wines were added, others dropped and all tweaked, exciting times.

As a rule, we fall for their young wines that are made from the young vines in Torgiano, they have lovely open, pure flavours.

For many years the Grechetto and Sangiovese have been our ‘house wines’ and we have no plans to change this, both are far better than their price suggests.
Grechetto is a white vine rarely seen outside Umbria, it is a necessary component in Orvieto, bestowing freshness and importantly, delicately complex flavours.

There is a second winery below Montefalco where the Sagrantino di Montefalco and Rosso di Montefalco wines are produced, we ship the Rosso regularly but occasionally find uncut Sagrantino liable to cause a tannic overdose.



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