the DYFI distillery. Pollination Gin


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To quote our own national treasure, the infamous Olly Smith:"... What an amazing gin. This is no gin - this is the spirit of the woodland sprite."



the DYFI distillery Pollination Gin
Dyfi is recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, and provides the distillery with an enviable and unique flora spectrum to draw upon, as well as a meticulous selection the finest classic gin botanicals.
Pollination gin is produced by the highest standard London Dry method, in extremely limited small batches, using pure grain spirit and locally drawn spring water. The foraged botanicals come from within the Biosphere: from the Snowdonia foothills, through the Dyfi Forest, and down to the estuary marshlands.
"On a canvas of carefully selected classic gin botanicals, we 'paint' the flavours only Dyfi can combine, including wild flowers, aromatic leaves, fruits and conifer tips.
We can’t create Pollination Gin all year round, and in order to ensure sustainability, production is necessarily very limited."
Each bottle is hand signed and lot-numbered.
45% alcohol by volume, non-chill filtered
Olly Smith (being poetic!) at  our stand at the 'Three Wine Men Show' Cardiff 2016:
"It's floral, it's beautifully poised, it has beguiling richness. If you imagine a chamomile flower wreathed in juniper but dancing in a ring of elves and fairies - it just has that magical floral fragrance, springtime, woodland appeal. Sensational gin, destined to be a massive future star. You'll never find a more hand crafted gin because all of the ingredients are hand foraged in the Dyfi UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve What an amazing gin. This is no gin - this is the spirit of the woodland sprite."
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Additional Information

product the DYFI distillery. Pollination Gin
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bottle size 50cl
alcohol level 20%+
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region England - London
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