The Veneto

Native Vines:


• Corvina
• Raboso


• Garganega
• Glera (Prosecco)
Important Wines
• Amarone della Valpolicella
• Prosecco Superiore
• Soave
• Pinot Grigio
• Bardolino
• Valpolicella
• Raboso del Piave
• Colli Berici Tai Rosso
• Colli Euganei Rosso
• Breganze Rosso


The drivers of Venetian wine have long been Soave and Valpolicella, more recently they have been joined by Prosecco and Pinot Grigio.  There is an emerging confidence, largely founded on the world-class wines of Amarone and Soave.

There are many terroir of real significance in the Veneto and pockets of winemakers who are worth seeking out; Zonta (Due Santi) in Bassano del Grappa (Breganze DOC) are fantastic, the Raboso and Sauvignon of the Piave is unique, the Tai rosso from Piovene Porto Godi in Colli Berici is particularly good and the Muscat passito (Fior d’Arancio) and spumante from the Colli Euganei is irresistible. 


our Veneto selection by Winemaker / Estate...


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  1. Conte Emo. La Montecchia 'Ca Emo' 2014

    Dried Raboso grapes have been added to the assemblage releasing an element of raucous joy.  Deep, damson laced red with fig and caramel flavours, soft inviting and open, an absolute pleasure

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  2. Conte Emo. La Montecchia 'Fior D'Arancio' Spumante 2015

    A wine that never fails to amuse, joyous orange blossom with feisty, fresh grape flavours and just a touch of subtle lemon and grapefruit.

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  3. Filippi. Soave Classico 'Castelcerino' 2013

    Apricot and hazelnut, wet hay and pannacotta.  Finely textured with rich leesy fruit; mineral with apple, apricot and lime, beautifully floral.

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  4. Case Bianche. Prosecco 'Antico' 2013

    Green apple and herb, more floral and mineral than fruit.  The process means it is a little cloudy and throws some sediment, nought taken out, it’s quite something.

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  5. Col Sandago. Prosecco 'Undici' 2013

    Pineapple and melon, ripe and rounded with freshening apple and lime, seriously lovely pea and elderflower on the finish.

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  6. Recchia. Le Vigne Bianche Passito 2013

    Delicuously sweet without being cloying

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  7. Bionda. Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 'Malavoglia' 2013

    Fig, date and black berry aromas. Hot, spiced, sweet damson fruit, very pure and defined.

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  8. Angiolino Maule. Pico 2013

    Angiolino Maule Pico
    Veneto IGT

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  9. Vicentini. Recioto di Soave 2013

    Honey, herb and almond, luscious deep fruit, velvety texture with a divine purity and lifting grapefruit character. 

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9 Item(s)