Native Vines:


• Calabrese
• Frappato
• Negrello Cappuccio
• Nero d’Avola
• Nocera
• Perricone


• Ansonica
• Carricante
• Catarratto
• Damaschino (Damaskino)
• Grecanico Dorato
• Grillo
• Inzolia
• Malvasia di Lipari
• Zibibbo
Important Wines
• Cerasuolo di Vittoria
• Etna
• Passito di Pantelleria
• Marsala

Sicily has been overrun by many nations and cultures and has a unique and individual identity. The sicilians have more land under vine than any region in Italy, except for Puglia – perhaps.  The people of Sicily drink less per head than any other region and have had global success with their sweet wines, notably Marsala.  Today Etna is viewed by many as one of the greatest wine terroirs on earth and the white grapes that were once used for Marsala are now used for successful dry white wines.  A surprising success has been Pinot Grigio, I have yet to taste one that was worth seeking out. 


our Sicilian selection by Winemaker / Estate...


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  1. COS. Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico 2011

    A style of wine I love, yet find tortuous to duplicate into words, probably because of the subtle weave of flavours from hedgerow berry to rosehip and earl grey tea, baked clay and wild herb. No run of the mill, dull as ditchwater 'blockbuster Nero d'Avola' something altogether more enjoyable.

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  2. Costanzo. Bianco di Sei 2015

    Divine pale lemon to gold with fresh lime, peach and white flower aromas.  A wine that combines freshness with rich complexity.  No oak just absolute purity, a truly remarkable wine.

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  3. Costanzo. Nero di Sei 2012

    Notes of coffee, spice, red berries and coco. A wine that does not stray far from its core, a fine tannic structure controlled and balanced.

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3 Item(s)