Apuglia / Puglia

Native Vines:


• Uva di Troia
• Primitivo
• Negroamaro
• Negroamaro Precoce
• Ottavianello
• Susumaniello
• Bombino Nero
• Malvasia di Lecce
• Ottavianello
• Susumaniello


• Verdeca
• Bombino Bianco
• Fiano Minutolo
• Moscato di Trani
• Impigno
• Bianco d’Alessandro
Important Wines
• Primitivo di Manduria
• Gioia del Colle
• Castel del Monte
• Copertino
• Salice Salentino


It used to be known as ‘Le Puglie’, the plural emphasising the disparity within this huge region, 400 km from north to south.

This is a region where generalisations are impossible (apart from this one). It is huge and its subtleties are endless. It is hot and much of the region is flat. The land is far less expensive than in the north and EC labour laws appear, possibly, to not apply.

Puglia is also home both to some of the most beautiful and most ugly cities in Italy, there are fantastically under-developed beaches and Trulli (odd little round buildings built from loose stones cleared from the fields). It is a wonderful place to visit, but could well drive any outsiders living there to the verge of madness.

The pace of life is either full speed or full stop, with not much in between. There is a continuing influx of money from all parts of Italy and from abroad, with people buying into what is now seen by many as Italy’s California.

The local growers and winemakers are having to change fast. There was once a time when sun-starved northern Europe would snap up their huge production for blending, but this is a dying industry. Now the big Puglian companies must take on the best the world has to offer. Fortunately, they have the raw materials: Primitivo, Uva de Troia and Negroamaro are all world class grapes.

There is work afoot to identify other indigenous varieties, whilst on loan from neighbouring Basilicata and Molise are Aglianico and Montepulciano. There really is no need for the French set, but they will crash the party, as, alas, they always do.


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