Native Vines:


• Nebbiolo
• Barbera
• Dolcetto
• Vespolina
• Freisa
• Gamba di Pernice
• Grignolino
• Ruch&eacute
• Brachetto


• Arneis
• Cortese
• Erbaluce
• Favorita (Vermentino)
• Moscato
Important Wines
• Barolo
• Barbaresco
• Gattinara
• Ghemme
• Boca
• Lessona
• Bramaterra
• Nebbiolo from Alba, Asti (Langhe DOCG)
• Barbera from Alba and Asti
• Gavi
• Arneis from Langhe and Roero
• Erbaluce di Caluso
• Moscato from Asti and Alba


For connoisseurs, collectors and drinkers alike, Piemonte is a happy hunting ground. Its unique climate, geography and history has conspired to create a vinous and gastronomic Valhalla. 

The majority of Piemonte wines concentrate on single varieties, which makes things a little easier to understand, then again there were 16 DOCGs and 42 DOCs last time I looked (probably more now) and some are ‘Village Wines’ and some ‘Varietal’. 

The most famous village wines are Barolo, Barbaresco and Gavi, waiting in the wings are the Alto-Piemonte village wines, which I am convinced will be the greats of the future. 

For now though, the rule of thumb is that Nebbiolo is fantastic and the best wines are from the villages of Barolo and Barbaresco.

Barbera is wonderful and is best from Nizza or when planted in prime Barolo sites;  Dolcetto can be rather lovely so long as it is not over-extracted. 

Gavi is making a real resurgence in qualitative terms though it is Arneis and Erbaluce, which will be responsible for the great wines of the future. 

Finally, Moscato is being taken seriously and there are some superb wines to try, there are also a good many to avoid.


our Piemontese selection by Winemaker / Estate...


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  1. Ascheri. Nebbiolo d'Alba 'San Giacomo' 2014

    A fresh vintage which was un-tampered with, the tannins were mature and allow violet and tar to emerge through berry and strawberry.  A lithe and handsome example of nebbiolo, ready to drink and It will develop over the next few years (to 2017).  

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  2. Villa Giada. Tre Ponti 2012

    Bramble, red currants and violet aromas, firm tannins with a lick of tar and dark cherry and berry fruit.  A full and finely balanced Nebbiolo.

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  3. Ferdinando Principiano. Freisa 'Chila' 2012

    A little tannin, fresh raspberry fruit, a touch rustic but in a very good way.

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  4. Ferdinando Principiano. Nebbiolo 'Coste' 2012

    Sapid, loose, easy sloe and raspberry fruit, laced with violet and edging toward white chocolate on the finish.  Not a big wine, just beautifully balanced and dangerously enjoyable.

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  5. Colombera & Garella. Bramaterra 'Cascina Cottignano' 2013

    Damson, bramble and strawberry with delicate orange skin and ripe herb.  The fruit is deliciously understated, ripe and fresh as a mountain stream with mineral, lime and cherry flavours.

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  6. Colombera & Garella. Lessona 'Pizzaguerra' 2013

    Ethereal purity of fruit, black cherry, wild strawberry and hints of rose on the nose.  Silky tannins, fine fruit, violet, green tea and fresh herb with a twist of orange peel.  

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  7. Ascheri. Barolo 'Pisapola' 2012

    Ascheri Barolo Pisapola 2012
    Barolo DOCG

    Grape Nebbiolo

    A light-footed, mid-weight Barolo.  For me, this is a very nostalgic wine with its faded old English rose and wild strawberry nose.  A lovely mahogany patina, delicate berry, tobacco, violet and rose flavours, classic confident Barolo with fine tannins and no interfering oak or over-ripeness, a genuine, nuanced wine which perfectly demonstrate the feminine characteristics that are rising the stock of this corner of Barolo.

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  8. Villa Giada. Barbera 'Ajan' 2012 Magnum

    Villa Giada Barbera Ajan Magnum
    Barbera d'Asti DOCG 

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  9. Brezza. Barolo 2012

    Brezza Barolo 2012
    Barolo DOCG

    Quite deep core of garnet but very pale on the edge, no evidence of amber of bricky colours.
    Extraordinary nose, huge and complex, a bit of an assault really: dark chocolate, cedar, rose petals the full Barolo experience in fact.

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  10. Brezza. Barolo 'Cannubi' 2012

    Brezza Barolo Cannubi 2012
    Barolo DOCG

    Enticing berry, violet and rose aromas, full supple fruit, fine ripe tannins beautifully laced through the wine, almost painfully fine.  Remarkable purity, undoubtedly a forward vintage which I suspect has excellent potential to develop over the next fifteen years.

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10 Item(s)