Native Vines:


• Lacrima
• Vernaccia Nera
• Sangiovese
• Montepulciano


• Verdicchio
• Pecorino
• Passerina
• Maceratino
Important Wines:
• Verdicchio from Jesi and Metalica
• Falerio
• Rosso Conero
• Rosso Piceno
• Lacrima di Morro d’Alba
• Vernaccia Nera di Serrapetrona


There is real energy and a sense of confidence in Marche winemaking.  The wines have come a long way from the eponymous Verdicchio with its tall Amphora bottle that fitted neither wine racks nor fridges, I liked it though. 
Verdicchio is now recognised as one of Italy’s great white wines, it is made in a variety of styles and the only one I have yet to be convinced by is the oak-aged genre. 
Falerio is made in the province of Piceno and is named after the ancient town of Falerone, the grape varieties that can been used include Pecorino and the once reviled Passerina and there are any number of styles of the wine, though it is usually the opening white from each winery.
The up and coming whites are the single varietal wines from Pecorino, Passerina and Maceratino.

Red wines are unsurprisingly based on Sangiovese and Montepulciano and named after the provinces in which they were made; Rosso Piceno and Rosso Conero. 
There is also Conero DOCG which must come from the hill of Conero to the south of Ancona. 

For the seekers of the unusual there is Lacrima di Morro d’Alba and Vernaccia Nera di Serrapetrona. 
Lacrima is a vine that had all but died out and now has grasped the lifeline through the work of devoted winemakers like Stefano Mancinelli. 
Vernaccia Nera is a varietal simply described as ‘Grenache’ in Jancis Robinson’s brick on grapes, quote this to the folk of Serrapetrona if you wish to wind them up.


our Marche selection by Winemaker / Estate...

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  1. Case Bianche. Prosecco 'Brusole' 2013

    Good intensity and length, more mineral and herb than some vintages joining the lovely pea and lemon sorbet flavours.  A dangerously easy wine. 

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  2. Ciu Ciu. Pecorino 'Merlettaie' 2013

    This vintage leans towards apricot, with kiwi and basil enriching the experience.  Beautiful creamy texture, a fine complexity that suits everything from convivial company to blue cheese to fish dishes.

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  3. Ciu Ciu. Passerina Spumante 'AltaMarea' 2013

    Passerina has a habit of straying deeply into the tropical spectrum, but is saved from such indignity when picked early, here the fruit is citrus with ripe pear and dried herb.  An original and lovely spumante.

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  4. Stefano Mancinelli. Lacrima di Morro D'Alba Superiore 2013

    Insane violet, lavender and rose, incredible purity.  Floral dark fruit, Turkish delight, blueberry and black cherry, wonderful wine

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4 Item(s)