The Friuli

Native Vines:


• Refosco del Peduncolo Rosso
• Schioppettino
• Tazzelenghe
• Pignolo
• Piculìt Neri
• Cordenossa
• Cianorie
• Forgiarìn


• Friulano
• Ribolla Gialla
• Malvasia Istriana
• Vitovska
• Cividìn
• Sciaglìn
• Verduzzo
• Picolit
• Ucelùt
Important Wines
• Collio Bianco
• Friulano from the Collio and Colli Orientali
• Ribolla Gialla from the Collio and Colli Orientali
• Ramandolo
• Schioppettino del Colli Orientali
• Refosco from the Colli Orientali and Aquileia 


An orderly region, whose white wines are prized throughout Italy for their precision and fresh fruit, rising to fame in the 1970s with Mario Schiopetto’s revolutionary wines, which arguably laid the foundations for the future of Italian white wines.

The wines are usually named after their varieties and traditionally producers will make many different wines with very similar labels. 

The best sub-zones border Slovenia: the Carso, Collio ( and the Colli Orientali, where small producers dominate and their output is an anarchic mix from amphora fermented to ultra-clean reductive winemaking.  The Colli Orientali is essentially an extension of the Collio, though the former is in the province of Udine, the latter Gorizia.  The rules for Collio are also tighter and insist on the vineyards being on a slope.

The Grave is the largest zone and here Pinot Grigio rules with Prosecco on the huge rise. 

There are pockets of extraordinary winemaking in the lesser sub-zones like the Isonzo and Aquileia, but the most interesting zone of all may be towards the hills of Valeriano.  These have no official recognition, but have been brought alive through the recovery of ancient vines by Emilio Bulfon.


our Friulano selection by Winemaker / Estate...

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  1. Lis Fadis. 'Bergul' 2011 Magnum

    Full and harmonious with spiced damson, black cherry and wild strawberry fruit, roasted peppers, espresso, a touch of vanilla and divine silky tannins.  A complex and full wine.

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  2. Emilio Bulfon mixed case (6 bottle offer)

    Emilio Bulfon mixed 6 bottle case, usually £85.80
    An offer of truly unique wines.

    One bottle of each grape type:
    Sciaglìn, Cividìn, Ucelùt, Cjanorìe, Piculìt Neri and Cordenossa

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  3. Emilio Bulfon. Grappa di Ucelut

    Honeyed, fresh and clean fruit, a little too sugary though.
    Honey, sweet and a tip herby but really, not up too much

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  4. Emilio Bulfon mixed case (12 bottle offer)

    Emilio Bulfon mixed 12 bottle case, usually £171.60
    An offer of truly unique wines.

    Two bottles of each grape type:
    Sciaglìn, Cividìn, Ucelùt, Cjanorìe, Piculìt Neri and Cordenossa


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  5. Tosolini. Amaretto Saliza

    Tosolini Amaretto Salizá

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  6. Valpanera. Elisir Balsamico di Refosco Affinato 12 Anni in Barrique

    Deep, dense and complex.  An artisan 12 year old balsamic vinegar,  made unusually from Refosco.

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  7. Emilio Bulfon. Sciaglin 2013

    A tight, focused wine with refreshing grapefruit, lime and greengage fruit, some lovely soft peach, wild honey and jasmine, just a touch of bitter lemon on the finish. 

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  8. Emilio Bulfon. Pecol Ros 'la Santissima' 2014

    Strawberry and damson fruit, real mouth cleaning Victoria plum and cassis with lovely balance, a nice minerality and crunchy on the finish.  A special wine that will develop for a few years yet.

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  9. Lis Fadis. Chardonnay 'Guriut' 2011

    A thoughtful and complex wine with beautifully weighted peach, lemon and apricot fruit. Delicate mineral and floral elements with a touch of vanilla spice. This is a style of Chardonnay that I find irresistible, restrained and nuanced, just a touch of lees, very correct and a pleasure on many levels.

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  10. Rauscedo. Traminer Aromatico 2013

    Beautifully restrained, lightly spiced fruit, dry and refreshing with tight mineral finish.

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Items 1 to 10 of 35 total