Native Vines:


• Aglianico


• Greco
• Fiano
Important Wines:
• Greco di Tufo
• Fiano di Avellino
• Aglianico di Irpinia
• Taurasi
Important Producers:
• Feudi di San Gregorio
• La Guardiense
• Galardi
• Montevetrano
• di Marzo


Naples is the capital of this fertile region, carpeted with vines, hazelnut and forest.  It is beautiful and dramatic countryside and has more than a touch of wildness to it. 

Greco di Tufo DOCG
This is a white wine made from the grape Greco, grown in and around Tufo.  The flavour from grapes actually grown in Tufo is quite particular, the name means a soft rock, in this case it is volcanic and in Tufo there are areas rich in sulphur.

Taurasi DOCG
The wines from Taurasi were awarded their DOCG in 1970.  It is a red appellation whose wines must be Aglianico (85% or more).  The minimum ageing is three years, one of which must be in wood.  Until the early part of the 1990’s there was only one producer, Mastroberardino, now there are over 200.


our Campanian selection by Winemaker / Estate...

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  1. di Marzo. Taurasi Horeca 'Albertus' 2009

    This one is an epic, deep and rich, loaded with damson and cherry but what sets it apart from other Taurasi is the elegance and freshness harnessed to power.

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  2. di Marzo. Aglianico Irpinia 'Storiche' 2012

    Savoury, smoky damson fruit, fine tannin, an elegant and deeply flavoured wine with a long future ahead.

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  3. di Marzo. Greco di Tufo 'Somnium Scipionis' 2012

    Some years in bottle has cooled if not dampened the ardour of this wine, perhaps it is now more elegant, with pure deep ripe lemon, mineral with bitter lemon on the finish.  Deliciously mineral, with herb and floral nuances.

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  4. di Marzo. Aglianico Irpinia 2013

    Fresh, bright and forward fruit, lightly spiced, very pure, absolute pleasure.

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  5. di Marzo. Fiano di Avellino 'Palazzo' 2015

    Marzo Fiano di Avellino Palazzo
    Fiano di Avellino DOCG

    Fresh, floral, tangerine and open lemon fruit, a subtle touch of jasmine and lily make this a wonderfully appealing and pretty wine.  

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  6. di Marzo. Greco di Tufo 'Palazzo' 2015

    Full lime, passion and jasmine scented fruit.  Mineral with tight, an absolutely classic Greco that demonstrates the grape’s reputation to make white wines that satisfy red wine drinkers.

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  7. di Marzo. Greco di Tufo 'Franciscus' 2015

    A wine with purpose, there is a controlled firmness beneath the floral aromas that are shot through with peach stone and honey.  Intense and fresh, a mineral core with lime, jasmine, ripe herb and peach stone flavours.  

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  8. di Marzo. Vesuvia Rosso

    Pepper, redcurrant and bramble, round and warm, a delicious straightforward supple red with rosehip, damson, burnt strawberry and spice flavours.  

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  9. di Marzo. Greco di Tufo Spumante Brut 'Anni Venti'

    Lime herb and orange peel, intense and mineral, very long and elegant with a touch of dried apricot on the finish.

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9 Item(s)