Italian Wines

We have imported wines from Italy for over 20 years now and we find the wines ever more unfathomable, perhaps I am taking it too seriously for this is a country full of life, literally when considering the line of volcanic activity running up its spine, and the wines are born out of a love of food and friendship.

The unique line up of wines in every region is the result of history, it is not part of some big plan.
Italy was only unified in 1870 and it is a story of independent city states rather than of a nation. This independence ensured the diversity of culture, food and wine and local traditions have been proudly defended.
Again, the more I read the less I know.

 Abruzzo /  Alto Adige /  Aosta /  Apulia /  Basilicata /  Calabria /  Campania /   Emilia Romagna  /  Friuli /  Lazio /  Liguria /  Lombardia /  Marche /  Molise /  Piemonte /  Sardegna /  Sicilia /  Sudtirol /  Toscana /  Trento /  Umbria /  Veneto


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  1. Summer Wines

    Summer Wines - 12 Bottle Mixed Case

    This fantastic price also includes FREE delivery
    (so why not also stock up  - and have us send you something more as well?)

    3 bottles each of
    Rauscedo. Ribolla Gialla Spumante Extra Dry
    Recchia. Poderi del Roccolo Custoza 2015
    Recchia Masua di Jago. Valpolicella Superiore 2014
    Sampietrana. Ambasciatori Salento Rosso 2013

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  2. Majolini. Special 6 Bottle Franciacorta Offer

    A case of 6 different styles of Majolini's Franciacorta, usually £159.50

    A fantastic opportunity to compare our chosen Franciacorta estate's wines to the champagne that you may have been buying ... up until now!

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  3. Emilio Bulfon mixed case (12 bottle offer)

    Emilio Bulfon mixed 12 bottle case, usually £171.60
    An offer of truly unique wines.

    Two bottles of each grape type:
    Sciaglìn, Cividìn, Ucelùt, Cjanorìe, Piculìt Neri and Cordenossa


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  4. Ca la Bionda. Valpolicella six bottle case

    An homage to one of Italy’s finest wines and a beautiful experience, from Valpolicella Classico (the light one), to Superiore (almost Pinot-like), to the Ripasso (getting big now) and then the Amarones (huge) and, to finish the Recioto (black velvet).

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4 Item(s)